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GRIZZLY designs and manufactures various types and different sizes of industrial floor cleaning machine, able to satisfy the most varied professional needs. Find the professional floor washer that is right for you in our range of machines : read about its features and benefits and request a free no-commitment demonstration.

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For 40 years we have been designing and building industrial cleaning machines in Italy, following the concepts of Quality, Precision and Performance.
We have chosen the direct selling method to distribute our products as it is the most suitable for our customized, niche, high quality production.
Our after-sales service is direct, free and at home. If necessary, we supply spare parts for all our machinery, even the less recent models.
Grizzly offers its customers the possibility of subsidized and installment purchases, with the possibility of taking out a loan or leasing.
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When working, it is essential to use tools that work well. All our machines offer quality, ergonomics, durability and performance.
All Grizzly machines are conceived, designed and developed in house. Over time this has allowed us over time to shape them according to customer needs, resulting in a product with very high efficiency and durability.
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Professional floor washer: something done well can be done better.

Whatever the surface, GRIZZLY has the industrial floor washer most suitable for cleaning it: in fact each surface requires its very own industrial floor washing machine and its range is truly complete. Each GRIZZLY professional washer dryer is easy to use and can clean the facility where it is used in a few minutes and with minimal effort! A professional floor washing machine must be robust, powerful, reliable, with a human-centered design and Grizzly floor washers meet all these requirements.
The quality of the materials, the robustness of the products, the careful study of ergonomics: these are the characteristics that make our industrial floor washer dryers truly unique. If we add to this the fact that they allow water-saving and optimal drying – thanks to their powerful suction motor – it is understandable why they really constitute the non plus ultra of industrial floor cleaning.
Find a detailed outline of all the industrial floor washing machines in our range: choose the one that’s right for you and request a free demonstration now to try it directly in your company!

Professional Floor Cleaning Machine: you are the experience that drives our projects.

A GRIZZLY professional floor washer is the perfect tool for your floor maintenance program: with our vast assortment of compact and medium-sized industrial floor cleaning machines, you are sure to find the right tool for your job!
Our range of industrial washer dryers is ready to satisfy the most varied needs: in fact, it includes all sorts of professional floor washers from the one suitable for the tightest spaces – affordable, simple to use, easy to handle – up to the one for larger areas, covering large areas of the floor in minutes. In the latter case, the operator pushes the industrial floor washer dryer to easily reach even the tightest corners!

Grizzly Industrial Floor Cleaner: the sectors in which it is used.

Daily cleaning of production areas, work surfaces and floors is an operation that requires time and money. Using a professional scrubber really makes a huge difference and means a significant saving of both.
A Grizzly industrial floor washer dryer can be used in the most varied sectors. By way of example we can mention:

  • Industry: produced with the most modern technologies and with the use of the highest quality materials, Grizzly floor washers are the ideal solution not only for daily cleaning, but also for the extraordinary maintenance of the floors in the production areas, warehouses, communal areas and canteen of small and large industries;
  • Bars, restaurants, pizzerias, hotels: one of our industrial washer dryers can clean the floors of restaurant rooms, meeting rooms, corridors, communal areas, passage areas, terraces, etc. .;
  • Supermarkets: a clean supermarket is more pleasant for customers and encourages staff to work faster and more efficiently. From the entrance, to the aisles, to the checkout, to the parking lot, keep your commercial space at its best, with an industrial floor cleaning machine;
  • Butchers, bakeries, pastry shops: hygiene and safety are fundamental for an efficient working environment. GRIZZLY industrial floor cleaning machines guarantee the hygiene and safety of production and sales areas;
  • Schools: regular cleaning of educational facilities is important to ensure compliance with hygienic standards and having an industrial floor washer allows you to deal with even the unexpected and emergencies that periodically occur in this type of environment;
  • Community: a Grizzly professional floor washer can be widely used in gyms, swimming pools, private clinics;
  • Cleaning companies: as a reliable partner for their business, we can help companies that contract out the cleaning and management of the most diverse systems – public and private buildings, companies, gyms – to increase performance and productivity, reduce operating costs and meeting changing needs with our wide range of industrial floor cleaning machines.

If you need advice or further information, do not hesitate to contact us to request a free, no-commitment demonstration: we are truly convinced that a professional floor washer dryer is a smart investment.