Industrial vacuum cleaners

GRIZZLY designs and manufactures industrial vacuum cleaners of various types and different sizes, able to satisfy the most varied professional needs. Discover the range of machinery that we offer, read the features and benefits, find the model of vacuum cleaner or professional vacuum cleaner that is right for you and request a free no-commitment demonstration.

L’estensione di Grizzly nel mondo dei motori trifase e brushless per utilizzi gravosi e prolungati. Capienza fino a 200 lt abbinata a maneggevolezza e compattezza senza pari nella categoria.


Grinta, durata e potenza per ogni genere di utilizzo, Grizzly presenta il Re delle applicazioni industriali.


Tutta la potenza e la versatilità di utilizzo dei fratelli maggiori in un formato compatto e maneggevole. I partner ideali per le piccole e medie attività dalle grandi esigenze.

For 40 years we have been designing and building industrial cleaning machines in Italy, following the concepts of Quality, Precision and Performance.
We have chosen the direct selling method to distribute our products as it is the most suitable for our customized, niche, high quality production.
Our after-sales service is direct, free and at home. If necessary, we supply spare parts for all our machinery, even the less recent models.
Grizzly offers its customers the possibility of subsidized and installment purchases, with the possibility of taking out a loan or leasing.
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When working, it is essential to use tools that work well. All our machines offer quality, ergonomics, durability and performance.
All Grizzly machines are conceived, designed and developed in house. Over time this has allowed us over time to shape them according to customer needs, resulting in a product with very high efficiency and durability.
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Find your vacuum cleaner or industrial vacuum cleaner.

The GRIZZLY brand features complete line of industrial vacuum cleaners for the most varied uses which includes: professional vacuum cleaners which are real all-rounders, such as the Aton and Amon models, which effectively sweep, wash and dry all types of floors; the Phantom and Phantom Mini models, industrial vacuum cleaners for dust, solids and liquids capable of combining power and silence; Penta, the professional vacuum cleaner ideal for all levels of industrial cleaning, from artisans to large industries; Giant the special industrial vacuum cleaner , equipped with a three-phase motor and ideal for heavy work but also for continuous use, where endurance is an essential characteristic; finally, Argo the professional vacuum cleaner with tangential motor, suitable for demanding applications, guaranteeing excellent stability at full load. Discover all GRIZZLY vacuum cleaner models in detail , choose the one that’s right for you and request a free demonstration now to try it directly in your company!

GRIZZLY Industrial vacuum cleaners: Intelligent products with countless advantages.

One of the main characteristics of all industrial vacuum cleaners built by GRIZZLY is vacuuming from above, a seemingly simple factor which does however offer several advantages. In fact, this system, allows the operator to pack what his machinery vacuums directly into customized containers (such as a common standard metal drum for disposal) or in traditional plastic garbage bags, without the need to use specific bags; in this way, disposal and cleaning operations are simpler and faster and it is also possible to recover any recycled or precious materials. The GRIZZLY professional vacuum cleaners vacuuming from above method offers a considerable advantage in terms of size, as well: even the smallest and most compact models, in fact, are able to vacuum large quantities of dust or liquids.
Another important feature of the vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners made by GRIZZLY is their structure itself: in fact, they have drums made of plastic (polypropylene) instead of sheet metal, a prime quality, lighter, stronger and more elastic material. Finally, GRIZZLY vacuum cleaners are fitted with motors equipped with a thermal protector to prevent overheating; these motors are by-pass type, dividing the path of the intake air from the cooling one
All models of industrial vacuum cleaner proposed are technological but above all easy to use and useful for daily use in the professional field.

Details make the difference: find out more about GRIZZLY vacuum cleaners.

Attention to detail is a fundamental aspect for GRIZZLY. That’s why the vacuum cleaner or industrial vacuum cleaner models are equipped with: sturdy chromed steel rollbars that facilitate grip and movement, or handles with co-molded inserts; drums and pipes joined with a plastic horn fitting, to allow you to use the professional vacuum cleaner with maximum freedom; pivoting sleeve to facilitate the rotation of the tube and avoid sudden changes of direction, but also forearm fatigue; rubber tie to hook the tube and move the machinery without the risk of overturning. The models of vacuum cleaner or industrial vacuum cleaner with the largest drum are also equipped with a tilting trolley which facilitates the emptying of the vacuumed heavy materials.

The secret of the best industrial vacuum cleaner? Its Filtration System. Discover ours.

Together with power, the filtration system is a determining factor when it comes to the quality of a professional vacuum cleaner; often, however, it is overlooked. The filter is a sort of net which the vacuumed air passes through; it must be able to retain even the smallest dust particles, without jeopardizing the power of the vacuum cleaner though: only the best filters can combine these two usually contrasting characteristics; only GRIZZLY offers the best industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with an effective filtration system. In fact, the company has designed a filter for its machines which is capable of trapping dust, preventing it from being released back into the environment, reducing the risk of clogging and therefore always ensuring maximum power. The system mounted on each model of GRIZZLY industrial vacuum cleaner is able to filter particles of 2 microns or 0.5 microns, up to the absolute filter for applications most at risk of contamination; its particular fibers also guarantee greater surface coverage and greater filtration capacity.

Maximum power and versatility: that's why choosing a GRIZZLY Professional Vacuum Cleaner pays off.

All the professional vacuum cleaner models that we offer are characterized by high power that allows them to effectively vacuum dust, solids and liquids even in the least accessible places. When we mention power we mean in it in the real sense of the word but also in terms of strength being maintained whatever the situation, with any accessory and also in terms of durability.
GRIZZLY industrial vacuum cleaners are not just powerful, they are also versatile; with heads, drums and pipes of different diameters that can be combined with each other in infinite ways to obtain the setup best suited to your specific requirements. A detailed outline: the drums or professional drum vacuum cleaners have a capacity of 25, 55, 100 or 200 liters; the tubes are of variable diameter, from 32, 38, 50, 60 to 90 mm; the heads of some industrial vacuum cleaner models adapt to different types of drums, even standard 200 liter drums; finally, most abrasive discs and brushes can be used on all machine models. To find out more about our range and find the industrial vacuum cleaner that is right for you, contact us for a free demonstration: one of our agents will come directly to your company and show you the best professional vacuum cleaner for your needs.